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Publié le 30 juillet 2014 | par Nathalie Mourlot


Keys to Real Estate Investment in Europe and Asia

I2an  the network founded by Denjean & Associés 6 years ago presents its latest newsletter on International Real Estate Investment.

Whilst we may not be currently seeing the heady pre-2007 levels of transaction activity, real estate remains a sought after asset class by institutional investors and private individuals alike. Whilst historically considered as an inflation proof asset class, there has been increased activity recently in the real estate sector as investors seek better yields that what is currently on offer in the corporate bond markets . This increased investor appetite has created property bubbles in certain parts of the world including London and South East Asia which are particularly hot markets.

Within the international network i2an we have created a worldwide network of real estate experts providing local insight to clients who have a global investment outlook. In this special issue we have pulled together some of the latest developments and insight from the local markets of ten of our i2an members : Spain, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Russia, Luxembourg, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Dubai.

Read the issue on International Real Estate Investment

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